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Account Name Change

Change Last Nameof your Blizzard account

This service allows you to change Last Name, registered on your Blizzard Account to the one you want.

What do you get?

• Account will be registered on your Last Name;
• Possibility to transfer characters to (or from) your main account.


• Login
• Password
• Secret Answer
• Country
• Registered First and Last Names
• Required Last Name

Account must be clean of Bans, Suspensions, Recalls and other problems.


• We offer 100% refund for the service if namechange fails.
• Success rate is 95%+.

Please note that Safepoint Shop is not responsible for any consuequences that can happen to the account during or after the service.


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    COMPLETION TIME: 1-24 Hours
    REQUIREMENTS: Clean Account
    TYPE: Services
    GAMES: Blizzard