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3x High-End/2x Full T3 Account

ILVL: 385
CLASS: Mage/Warlock/Hunter
TYPE: Account
Quantity in stock: 0
EUR 2499.00 EUR 3000.00

Top Troll Mage! 

• 385 ilvl; 
• Heart of Azeroth: 30 lvl; 
• Uldir: 7/8 MM, 8/8 HM; 
• 15+ Keystone Master; 
• Mythic+ Score: 1034; 
• Honor: 45 lvl; 
• 2v2 Rating: 1805; 
• 3v3 Rating: 1943; 
• RBG Rating: 1892; 
• BfA Pathfinder: Part 1; 
• All BfA Reputation: Honored/Revered! 


Top Troll Warlock! 

• 384 ilvl; 
• Heart of Azeroth: 25 lvl; 
• Uldir: 7/8 MM (G’huun Killed), 8/8 HM; 
• Mythic+ Score: 932; 
• All BfA Reputation: Revered! 


Top Orc Hunter! 

• 383 ilvl; 
• Heart of Azeroth: 27 lvl; 
• Uldir: 7/8 MM, 8/8 HM; 
• Mythic+ Score: 1038; 
• All BfA Reputation: Revered/Exalted! 


Unique Items! 

• Tier 3 Set for Mage: 8/8; 
• Tier 3 Set for Hunter: 8/8; 
• MoP Challenge Mode Set for Priest; 
• WoD Challenge Mode Weapons; 
• Rare Tabards: Tabard of the Defender, Tabard of the Arcane, Tabard of the Frost, Tabard of the Flame! 


19165 Achievement Points, 289 Legacy, 86 Feats of Strength! 

• WoD/MoP CM: Gold; 
• The Chosen; 
• Cutting Edge: G’huun, Argus, Kil’jaeden, Helya, Gul’dan, Xavius, The Black Gate, Ra-den, Lei Shen, Sha of Fear, Grand Empress Shek’zeer, Will of the Emperor; 
• Ahead of the Curve: G’huun, Argus, Kil’jaeden, Helya, Gul’dan, Xavius, The Black Gate, Imperator’s Fall, Blackhand’s Crucible, Lei Shen, Sha of Fear, Grand Empress Shek’zeer, Will of the Emperor; 
• I Thought He Was Supposed to Be Hard?; 
• Herald of the Titans; 
• Drop Dead, Gorgeous; 
• 2 Old Legendaries: Val’anyr, Dragonwrath; 
• Duelist: BfA Season 1; 
• Rival: BfA Season 1, Legion Season 5; 
• Challenger: BfA Season 1, Legion Season 5; 
• Fierce Elite; 
• Avast Ye, Admiral/Insane in the Membrane; 
• WoW’s Anniversary: 5-13! 


273 Mounts! 

World Rarest Mounts! 

• Shackled Ur’zul (1,3% of all Players in the World own it); 
• Spectral Tiger (1,4%, TCG, Average Price: 1400 $); 
• Bloodfang Widow (1,6%, Price: 2 million Gold); 
• Swift Razzashi Raptor (2,7%, Unobtainable); 
• Grey Riding Camel (2,8%); 
• Felsteel Annihilator (2,8%); 
• Hellfire Infernal (3,8%)! 

Rare Mounts! 

Raid/Dungeon Drop (less than 1% Drop Chance): 
Ashes of Al’ar, Swift White Hawkstrider, Raven Lord, Invincible, Onyxian Drake, Blue Proto-Drake, Drakes of the West/East/North Wind, Blazing Drake, Life-Binder’s Handmaiden, Pureblood Fire Hawk, Flametalon of Alysrazor, Kor’kron War Wolf, Ironhoof Destroyer, Abyss Worm, Antoran Charhound; 

Violet Spellwing, Grove Warden, Core Hound, Antoran Gloomhound, Bleakhoof Ruinstrider, Volcanic Stone Drake, Corrupted Fire Hawk, Twilight Drake; 

Rare Spawn: 
Time-Lost Proto-Drake, Sea/Riding Turtle, Thundering Onyx Ruby/Cloud Serpent, Slate Primordial Direhorn, Maddened Chaosrunner, Vibrant/Scintillating/Darkspore Mana Ray, Crimson Slavermaw, Biletooth Gnasher, Vile Fiend; 

PVP Mounts: 
Prestigious Bronze/Ivory Courser, Vicious War Clefthoof, Black War Bear; 

Promotion/World Events: 
Horseman’s Reins, Darkmoon Dancing Bear, Ironbound Wraithcharger, Yu’lei, Hearthsteed, Swift Zhevra, X-53 Touring Rocket, Nightwing, Emrald Hippogryph, Cindermane Charger, Spectral Wind Rider, Warlord’s Deathwheel! 



• 2 lvl-120 Alts: Priest & Druid; 
• Other Classes: lvl-110! 







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