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4x Gladiator Shaman

ILVL: 962
CLASS: Shaman
TYPE: Character
Quantity in stock: 0

Top Dwarf Shaman! 

• 962 ilvl;
• Sharas’dal, Scepter of Tides 76 traits;
• Prestige: 8 lvl, Honor: 43 lvl;
• Arena Rating: 2v2-1529; 3v3-2180;
• Hidden Appearance of Artifact;
• Unique PVP & TCG Tabards: Wild, Warmongering, Prideful, Ferocious, Cruel, Fierce, Dominant, Frost (Transmogged on Guild Tabards);
• All Legion Reputation: Exalted!


17 Legendaries (BiS)! 

• Prydaz; 
• Sephuz; 
• Velen’s Future Sight; 
• Elemental Rebalancers; 
• Eye of the Twisting Nether; 
• Focuser of Jonat, the Elder; 
• Praetorian’s Tidecallers; 
• Echoes of the Great Sundering; 
• Pristine Proto-Scale Girdle; 
• Akainu’s Absolute Justice; 
• Intact Nazjatar Molting; 
• Uncertain Reminder; 
• The Deceiver’s Blood Pact; 
• Vigilance Perch; 
• Soul of the Farseer; 
• Fire in the Deep; 
• Smoldering Heart! 


2685 Achievement Points, 5 Legacy, 46 Feats of Strength! 

• 4x Gladiator: Legion Season 1,2,4,5; 
• Ahead of the Curve: Argus; 
• WoW’s Anniversary: 11-13! 


World Rarest Mounts! 

• Vindictive Gladiator’s Storm Dragon (Unobtainable); 
• Fearless Gladiator’s Storm Dragon (Unobtainable); 
• Ferocious Gladiator’s Storm Dragon (Unobtainable); 
• Fierce Gladiator’s Storm Dragon (Unobtainable); 
• 5x Vicious Saddles in Bank; 
• Violet Spellwing in Bank! 



• The Character will be transferred to a new account, which make you the original owner with full account information in your hands! 




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