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Operation: Mechagon

Mechagon: 8/8 Mythic

415+ Loot

2-4 Hours

Receive a great experience and top gear with this 8/8 Mythic Operation: Mechagon run! 
A team of professional players will lead you through this dungeon as fast as possible. All you will have to do is receive loot and enjoy instance! 

What do you get? 

• Engine of Mecha-Perfection (Rank 1 Essence); 
• 415+ Items, Personal Loot; 
• Chance to get Blueprint: Perfectly Timed Differential (Rank 2 Essence upgrade); 
• 1x Progression Sprocket; combining 4 will create Rank 3 Essence upgrade; 
• Chance to get Punchards to customize your Pocket-Sized Computation Device; 
• Chance to get rare Mount: Mechagon Peacekeeper!

Additional Services:

Hardmode with guaranteed Aerial Unit R-21/X Mount - €199


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    LOOT: Personal
    TYPE: Pilot/Selfplay
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 120
    COMPLETION TIME: 2-4 Hours