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Premium Death Knight

ILVL: 374
CLASS: Death Knight
TYPE: Account
Quantity in stock: 0

Unique Appearances! 

• Elite Gladiator’s Set for Death Knight: WoD Season 1; 
• MoP Challenge Mode Sets: Death Knight, Mage, Paladin; 
• WoD Challenge Mode Weapons; 
• Tusks of Mannoroth; 
• Trial of Valor Mythic Set: Plate; 
• Mage Tower Challenge: Warrior (All Specs), Demon Hunter (Havoc)! 


26430 Achievement Points, 350 Legacy, 93 Feats of Strength! 

• MoP CM: Gold; 
• WoD CM: Gold; 
• The Loremaster; 
• Universal Explorer; 
• BfA Pathfinder: Part 1; 
• 250000 Honorable Kills; 
• Just the Two of Us: 2000; 
• What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been (All World Events: Completed); 
• Cutting Edge: Xavius, The Black Gate, Imperator’s Fall, Blackhand’s Crucible, Ra-den, Lei Shen; 
• Ahead of the Curve: G’huun, Argus, Kil’jaeden, Helya, Gul’dan, Xavius, The Black Gate, Blackhand’s Crucible, Imperator’s Fall, Garrosh Hellscream, Sha of Fear, Grand Empress Shek’zeer, Lei Shen, Will of the Emperor; 
• Herald of the Titans; 
• Avast Ye, Admiral!; 
• WoW’s Anniversary: 7-14! 


445 Mounts, 392 Unique Pets, 359 Toys! 

World Rarest Mounts! 

• Big Love Rocket (1,1% of all Players in the World own it); 
• Frostshard Infernal (2,5%); 
• Felsteel Annihilator (3%); 
• Grey Riding Camel (3%); 
• Voidtalon of the Dark Star (3,2%); 
• Emerald Drake (4,4%); 
• Time-Lost Proto-Drake (4,8%)! 

Rare Mounts! 

Raid/Dungeon Drop (less than 1% Drop Chance): 
Deathcharger’s Reins, Fiery Warhorse, Ashes of Al’ar, Swift White Hawkstrider, Raven Lord, Invincible, Mimiron’s Head, Grand Black War Mammoth, Onyxian Drake, Blue Proto-Drake, Flametalon of Alysrazor, Pureblood Fire Hawk, Drakes of the East/West/North/South Wind, Experiment 12-B, Life-Binder’s Handmaiden, Blazing Drake, Kor’kron War Wolf, Clutch of Ji-Kun, Spawn of Horridon, Astral Cloud Serpent, Ironhoof Destroyer, Antoran Charhound; 

Ratstallion, Antoran Gloomhound, Bleakhoof Ruinstrider, Llothien Prowler, Arcanist’s Manasaber, Fathom Dweller, Riddler’s Mind-Worm, Avenging Felcrusher, Wild Dreamrunner, Violet Spellwing, Grove Warden, All Argent Tournament Mounts, Winterspring Frostsaber; 

Rare Spawn: 
Sea/Riding Turtles, Thundering Ruby/Onyx Cloud Serpent, Slate/Jade/Amber Primordial Direhorn; 

PVP Mounts: 
Prestigious War Steed, Prestigious Bronze/Ivory Courser, Vicious War Steed/Warsaber/War Ram/War Mechanostrider/Warhorse/War Elekk, All Mark of Honor Mounts; 

Promotion/World Events: 
Violet Proto-Drake, Swift Brewfest Ram, Great Brewfest Kodo, The Horseman’s Reins, Swift Lovebird, Swift Springstrider, Minion of Grumpus, Swift Forest Strider, Darkmoon Dancing Bear, Darkwater Skate, Eclipse Dragonhawk, Ironbound Wraithcharger, Grinning Reaver, Core Hound, Hearthsteed, Swift Zhevra, X-53 Touring Rocket, Nightwing, Emerald Hippogryph, Champion’s Treadblade! 


3 lvl-120 Alts! 

• ilvl 376 Blood Elf Demon Hunter; 
• ilvl 375 Orc Warrior; 
• ilvl 374 Nightborne Mage 




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