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Gladiator: WoD S1

Elite Set: Primal (WoD S1)

Elite Set: Legion S1-2

Primal Victory 

Demonic Tyranny

MoP CM Set for Rogue

lvl-120 Druid Alt

143 Mounts

Unique Appearances! 

• Elite Gladiator’s Set for Rogue: Primal (Shoulders, Chest, Legs, Boots); 
• Elite Gladiator’s Set for Rogue: Legion Seasons 1-2; 
• PvP Illusions for Weapon: Primal Victory & Demonic Tyranny; 
• MoP Challenge Mode Set for Rogue; 
• Old Legendary: Warglaives of Azzinoth (in Bags)! 


8820 Achievement Points, 160 Legacy, 30 Feats of Strength! 

• Gladiator: WoD Season 1; 
• Duelist: WoD Season 1; 
• Rival: WoD Season 1; 
• Challenger: WoD Season 1; 
• Defender of the Horde: WoD Season 2; 
• Soldier of the Horde: WoD Seasons 1 & 2; 
• Vindictive Elite; 
• High Five: 1750; 
• MoP CM: Gold; 
• Ahead of the Curve: Argus, Xavius, The Black Gate, Blackhand’s Crucible, Imperator’s Fall; 
• WoW’s Anniversary: 9,11,12,14! 


143 Mounts! 

World Rarest Mount! 

• Primal Gladiator’s Felblood Gronnling (Unobtainable)! 

Rare Mounts: Vicious War Trike/Warstrider/War Turtle/War Raptor/War Wolf/Skeletal Warhorse, Prestigious Ivory/Bronze Coursers, Mimiron’s Head, Celestial Steed, Winged Guardian, Heart of the Aspects, Kor’kron War Wolf, Violet Spellwing Grove Warden, Llothien Prowler! 



• ilvl 370 Druid Alt! 


Armory: https://safe-armory.com/character/profile/21f8b48e073920136397a15ecb5d793b


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    TYPE: Account
    CLASS: Rogue
    ILVL: 236